maintenance and repairs of new and in past produced and supplied articles in the field of ALES company,


like training of customers’ service and maintenance staff, technical assistance and continuous upgrading and development of existing articles and systems in accordance with clients´ requirements and needs.

ALES solutions have all the attributes of customized, modular and open systems:

  • Customization:
    The ALES philosophy is to supply tailored products meeting detailed customer requirements with respect to local standards, operational procedures and equipment in use with the aim of providing a high performance and reliable operational system as a default solution while offering highly competitive pricing
  • Modularity:
    ALES products enable customers to be provided with a full range of solutions, including individual modules (e.g. a radar data extractor), subsystems (e.g. a surveillance data processing system), self-contained systems (e.g. an airport ATC system) as well as turn-key deliveries based on system integration (e.g. an entire ACC system).
  • Openness:
    ALES systems are designed with the objective to enable scalability of the operational (sub)system (i.e. the customer can build the system gradually, adding further modules and subsystems, to increase the number of workstations without limitation and to enhance the performance of the system in conformity with current requirements, etc.), default customization and easy upgrade.

    The external openness of the system is provided by the connectivity to virtually any external data source (e.g. interfacing to any radar/surveillance sensor, data source or even weapon systems or external (sub-)systems, etc.).
  • Integration:
    ALES systems facilitate the harmonization of features and requirements laid out by civil and military ATC standards (e.g. radar data exchange, flight plan data sharing, etc.) or even the integration of various civil ATC standards (e.g. ICAO and Russian GOST).

Other unique features of ALES production include:

  • The user's operational independence of ALES, granted by full end-user maintenance of the system (e. g. ability to reconfigure the airspace description, sector configuration or even to manage radar coverage parameters, etc.) and supported by the implementation of maintenance HMI and tools and initial and regular training.
  • Operational support to the user in case of modifications that extend beyond the framework of typical maintenance.
  • No life-cycle costs stemming from full use of COTS components, robust / secure UNIX/Linux OS-based architecture and dependable system architecture designed for mission critical military applications.

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