Market and Products

The key ALES products are the LETVIS system for airspace control and the radar upgrade program. Both offer advanced solutions and high performance meeting the ICAO international standards complemented by local standards, which enables the use of existing (e.g. radar) technologies in the typical configuration for medium density airspace operations. These attributes augmented by customization make the LETVIS system most beneficial for the countries of Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East andAsia. As the system is designed based on the latest Western technologies and provides an excellent price/performance ratio, it clearly has much to offer in Western countries as well.

The development and maintenance of the LETVIS system adheres to the fact that the Armed Forces are the main users and strategic customers of ALES. The unique feature of the LETVIS system stems from the reality that its architecture and performance are designed primarily for Air Force purposes, with the ability to track fast maneuvering and to ensure the highest accuracy, efficiency and reliability demanded by defense systems.

LETVIS products designed for users of Air Navigation Services are developed based on the military core of the system complemented by common and specific ATM functionality with respect to the latest general requirements and recommendations continuously developed by EUROCONTROL as well as to local standards and procedures required by each and every customer.

The main and long-established ALES clients are the Slovak Air Navigations Services, the Ukrainian State Air Traffic Services Enterprise, the Czech Air Force and the Slovak Armed Forces.


ALES production is based on in-house technology and covers the full range of relevant activities: design, manufacturing, system integration, commissioning, training, maintenance and additional technical support.

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